What is a Yoga Wheel?

What is a Yoga Wheel?

While it’s not exactly the new kid on the block (it’s been around for a few years now), yoga wheels continue to be popping up more and more. Just take a look around social media where you’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least a few people posting pics of themselves using them.

If you are a newbie when it comes to yoga, however, you may not be familiar with yoga wheels. If you are familiar with them, then you may be wondering how they work and if you should invest in one.

What is it?

A yoga wheel is a circular device that assists in doing advanced yoga poses as well as working to open up the chest, back and shoulders, aids in stretching, improves flexibility, makes doing backbends much easier, eases stress along with a host of other benefits.

Choosing a Yoga Wheel

They come in different colors, sizes, prices, etc. How can you find the right one for you?

Recently, we created a list of the top 10 best yoga wheels to make choosing one a little easier.

There are some things you can do to help make choosing your wheel less cumbersome.

Here are a few tips:

* Read online reviews
* Ask your fellow yogis for their recommendations
* If you take a yoga class, talk to the teacher
* Your yoga studio might have yoga wheels. If so, ask to try them out.

Give Yourself Time

When you first start using a yoga wheel you will need to keep in mind that it does take some time to get used to it. In fact, make sure to watch any training videos that are included. Doing so will help tremendously. Searching YouTube for instructional videos is another good idea.

More Benefits

While you certainly don’t have to use a yoga wheel, it is nice to at least give it a try. In addition to being able to conquer challenging poses and such, it’s a tool that can really benefit your yoga workouts by taking things to a whole new level.

How to Use a Yoga Wheel

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