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In today’s society, obesity is a cause for concern with even children that are overweight. Apart from eating healthy, it is worth looking at the importance of yoga and weight loss. Weight gain is not only about the number of calories taken in.

There are other underlying causes in the body that will result to weight gain if they become unbalanced.

The use of yoga posture can be very helpful in redressing this balance hence helping the body to burn fat more effectively resulting in healthy weight loss. Some vital functions of the body that can be improved by yoga and help promote weight loss.

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Topics Covered in this eBook.

Chapter 1 – Introducing Yoga
Benefits of Yoga

Chapter 2- Weight Loss With Yoga
The liver
The thyroid gland
The nervous system
Heart rate

Chapter 3 – The Genesis Of Yoga
Post Classical

Chapter 4: Different Yoga Schools
Chapter 5: Major Health Benefits Of Yoga 9
Chapter 6: Guidelines When Beginning Yoga For Weight Loss
Where is the best place to practice?
When is it recommended to practice?
How is the practice done?
What postures (asana) to take?
Other guidelines when beginning yoga

Chapter 7: Avoiding Common
Beginner Mistakes
Not knowing what you want from the practice
Jumping in Feet First
Choosing the Wrong Instructor
Chapter 8: Asanas: Yoga Postures
Standing Yoga Poses
Sitting Yoga Poses
Yoga poses while lying on the back
Yoga poses while lying on the stomach
Asanas: Yoga Postures—the
Fundamental Yoga Poses
Advantages of Yoga

Chapter 9 – Nutrition Ideas To Drop
Fat With Yoga
Fruits and vegetables
Heavy foods
Spicy foods
Final diet tips

Chapter 10 – The Most Effective
Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
1. Crescent
2. Willow
3. Twisted Chair Pose
4. Locust Pose
5. Bow Pose

Conclusion – Don’t Procrastinate,
Start Yoga Today
Where Did Yoga Originate?
What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?
How Does One Get Started With

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