Creating a Yoga Space at Home

Learn to Create a Cool Yoga Space at Home

As an avid yoga practitioner, you may have considered creating your own sacred space at home. A calm and soothing spot where you can practice your routine without any interruptions.

Having a place in your home for yoga workouts just makes sense. In today’s busy world it can be hard to carve out time to visit a local yoga studio as regularly as you’d like.

Finding Space

If you live in close quarters you might think that you do not have the room to set up a space for yoga. Oftentimes though, with a little creative planning, you’ll find that you can find a spot.

You can set up your space in a bedroom, dining room, outside, in your living room, basement, etc. Smaller rooms may require moving things around or rearranging furniture but don’t let that be a deterrent. Any ‘6 x ‘6 spot should work.

Creating Ambiance

No matter where you choose to set up your space, creating the right kind of vibe is very important. Here are some things you can do to create that calm and inviting feeling:

* Burn incense
* Hang plants
* Accessorize with luxurious hand towels
* Add a few pieces of artwork on the walls
* Put soft throw rugs on the floor

You are only limited by your own imagination. There is no need to clutter things up but at the same time, it’s great to add the things that make you feel tranquil and serene.


It probably goes without saying, but don’t feel that you have to invest a ton of cash to create your yoga space. That would be defeating the purpose. Instead think of things like thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and even the dollar store – you can find the things you want to add at these places with very little investment needed. All you need is a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes to start Yoga.

Once You’ve Created Your Space, Use it!

Once you have your room set up just the way you want it, make sure to put it to use. Get in there and enjoy it! You may also find that over time the look of the space may evolve. Throughout your days you may find other things you want to add or take away.

The most important part of all is that your space is one that you enjoy spending time in doing your routines and workouts.

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